Asphalt Overdrive for Windows 8

An exciting multiplayer racing game that gives players missions


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  • Program license Free
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  • Works under: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Gameloft

A spin-off from the popular series Aspalt, Asphalt Overdrive puts a new angle on the Asphalt series with the gameplay in complete renewal. In fact, the game has little in common with the title Asphalt 9, and it actually has more in common with Spider-Man Unlimited. You start the game with sirens blaring, and the cops in hot pursuit behind you. You have to outrun the police by not getting arrested past a certain distance.

Asphalt Overdrive for Windows 8 follows a three-lane vertical scrolling format where you will weave in and out of traffic, run other cars off the road, and hit mega-cool jumps while racing. Asphalt Overdrive has multiple race modes like boss races, chases, stunts, and destruction-based modes. Unfortunately, the game has an annoying energy system where you only get to play for a limited number of races before you have to either wait or pay money to continue. That can take away from the experience because you can't get into the game before they take you out of it. Along with that, Asphalt has mind-numbing grinding where you have to play the same levels over and over so that you can win more stars. That lets you progress through the levels, but it only gives the illusion that the game has more content than what it actually has.

Over time, you will build up in-game currency won through challenges, which lets you upgrade and buy new cars. Asphalt Overdrive features a surprising number of classic 80s vehicles and unlocking them so that you can add them to your collection can be a lot of fun. One of the more innovative modes of Asphalt Overdrive is the social modes. With these modes, you can participate in a gang with friends and take on rival gangs in challenges.

Even if your driving style sends you crashing into the walls at every turn, Asphalt Overdrive uses overly simple controls that means learning it fast takes no time. You weave right and left between cars, and if you want to soar on ramps, hit the upwards direction. You can also swipe the directional key in a diagonal fashion to barrel roll through the air when speeding over a ramp. Asphalt Overdrive also adds some tactical elements where you have to choose your boosts carefully before you start a race. Specific specialized boosts will be better for different races.

Coming from Gameloft, a game design company known for its high standards, Asphalt has been presented in a professional light, and the game has been set in the 1980s. The theme is found throughout, including the neon menu screen, retro cars, and 80s-style soundtracks. The developers; however, could have taken the 80s theme even further to intensify the vibe of that decade. One example of a game that captured the 80s-era

perfectly was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


  • Compelling social modes
  • Easy-to-learn controls
  • Plenty of cars to choose from


  • Long wait times in between races
  • The 80s theme could have been taken even further
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